The following is the system which this wikia uses for all roleplay.


All roleplay happens withing , where info on the act, as well as the transcript can be found.

Creating the act

This is how to create the act:

1) Selecting a world

An act must exist to exist, duh. You just pick a world from the category or make one yourself!

2) Selection locations

You just choose some locations the same way.

3) Selecting characters

This is not up to one person! The various actors (users) who take part in the act will all have to select some of THEIR OWN characters to play during the act. Do note that certain characters meant to be NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) can be played by anyone.

NPC example: Jack (A user) is only controlled by the user who made him. Evil orc (Created just for the act) can be controlled by any user (The orc could have been created by the user who created Jack, but a different user can, for example, write "John stabbed the orc, and the orc fell over as it said screamed in agony")

Setting up the act in the act page

The entire page isn't for the script! First, you write info on the act, (Example: Jack and John, 2 really good friends, one day decide to enter an abandoned temple.) further down in the page, you create the actual act, which is written as a script.

Final words

I am really not good at writing this kind of stuff. Sorry, readers.

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